Day in the Life, Fall ’12
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It’s that time again! I’m linking up to Laura’s Day in the Life post. I just realized I didn’t get any pictures of me throughout the day. Maybe the winter edition will include me! :)

I chose Wednesday, October 17, but then halfway through the day I forgot to take pictures. :) So we tried again for Thursday, October 18th.

5:58- Buddy’s up. He was only up once last night, and he slept in his crib all night. This was the best night of the 5 that my man was away.

6:25- And he’s done cuddling with Mama. We head downstairs where he wants milk and a video. He watches 5 minutes of the video.

6:35- Buddy starts screaming, just a loud screech, really. I warned him that we can’t scream, especially with Baby Girl still asleep. He screamed again. Time out. Really? at 6:35? What does this mean for the rest of the day?

“Why is Mama taking a picture of me while I’m in time out?”

6:42- Time out #2. Oh boy! After time out, he plays, we hang out, I check email.

7:00- I hear Baby Girl playing in her room. She usually comes right down. She must want some alone time today.

7:10- Buddy goes up to check on her

7:20- Breakfast

Yogurt, granola, chocolate chips

7:45- Clean up, Baby Girl homework. We really try to get it done earlier than this, but we were slackers this week.

8:00- Trash Day! We bought some new furniture this week so lots of recycling to take out.

While I was out there, I did some weeding while the kids played.

8:15- Start getting everyone ready for the day, pack Baby Girl’s snack

8:45- Off to school

9:15- Home, Buddy to bed. I sat and read a book. Usually I try to get things done or shower, but with my man gone I’m using every nap for some downtime. I feel a little guilty, but I also know that I need this time if I’m going to be the best mom I can be for the rest of the day.

10:15- Buddy awake. We play for a few minutes, then have a snack.

10:45- Head out to run some errands.
Aldi–groceries. Random: As I was leaving I saw a lady that reminded me of a good family friend in South Carolina. Then I realized that her sister lives here in my town. It was her! I didn’t realize it until she was in her car and driving away. Small world. Now I need to have her and her family over so that I can officially meet her.
Target–Christmas shopping, nail polish (finally bought the Essie color I’ve been wanting for a year), watermelon and strawberries for lunch

11:40- At Baby Girl’s school a little early, so Buddy and I play on the playground for a little bit.

12:00- Pick up Baby Girl. She decorated her pumpkin today! (sidenote: I totally forgot that she wore a sweatshirt to school. I’m hoping her teacher has it when we get there Tuesday!)  **It was there!

12:15- Home. Baby Girl is so excited to do homework, so she works on that while I make lunch.

12:25- Lunch

12:50- Quiet time  Baby Girl plays, Buddy sleeps. We had company over the weekend and had some A&W root beer left. What did I do? Make a float, of course! Quiet time for me meant blogging, reading, emailing, and enjoying a float!

3:00- I see the UPS man pull up and race down to meet him. He CANNOT ring the doorbell! I got the shoes I had ordered for Buddy for next summer.

3:15- Thank you notes for packages from Grandma and Aunt Dee.

3:30- Check on Buddy because I don’t think he’s ever slept this long! As I get to his room I hear him start to cry. Imagine all I could get done if he slept that long every day!

3:45- Outside to play

4:30- Inside, start supper. While making supper (Annie’s mac & cheese with peppers and broccoli) a friend texts to see if we want to meet them for ice cream. Something to break up the evening? I’m game!

5:00- Eat

5:25- Clean up

5:45- Leave for ice cream (frozen yogurt, but what Baby Girl doesn’t know won’t hurt her)
In the car I tell her where we’re going. She loves the friends we’re meeting and ice cream…win-win!

She seems pretty happy about our plans.

6:00- Ice cream time!

7:00- Home just in time for bed for Buddy

7:15- My man calls. I talk to him, but Baby Girl doesn’t want to. After I hang up, I ask her why. She said she’s upset that Daddy left us for a week. I explain that he’ll be home soon. She agrees to talk to him. (I thinks she still remembers being apart for 5 weeks when he moved down here ahead of us.)
After talking to Daddy, we color until bedtime.

7:45- Baby Girl to bed–a Bible story, chat, and pray

8:00- Computer, channel surf. Absolutely nothing on tv!

8:35- Finally up to bed to read and do my nails

9:30- Lights out, ready to sleep

10:40- Buddy awake, and in bed with me. I couldn’t settle him quickly and by the last night without my man I am exhausted! He spent several hours kicking me. This was one of the longest nights of the week. So glad to see my man on Friday!!!

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7 Comments on "Day in the Life, Fall ’12"

  1. Laura says:

    Glad you have settled in enough to have friends to go out to fro-yo with- yay!

    Nice work with the multi-day stretch of solo-parenting. OOF!

    Hope you are caught up on rest after that busy week.

  2. Lane says:

    Thanks for letting me know that you read my blog! I appreciate it so much!! I look forward to reading yours as well!

  3. Julie says:

    You have my sympathy on the early mornings! I love the middle of the day rootbeer float! Awesome!

  4. Becki says:

    I love those Essie nailpolish colors. I’ve yet to buy one, though. I actually disconnected our doorbell, initially because it was broken, but then when the baby was young to keep people from waking her up! The dog usually notices someone at the door (and barks and wakes up the girl, sigh).

  5. Rachael says:

    I am in total agreement that naptimes have to be spent doing relaxing things, especially when hubby is not around. You have such a good routine with your kids. It reminds me of mine. And bonus that the little man still takes a morning nap!

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