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See, here’s the deal. I have this friend. She’s all crafty and stuff. I always think, “That’s so cute!” Then I think, “I don’t have time for that!” However, when she made an earring organizer I thought, “I can do that!”
So, I did it! I found a frame at Goodwill this week for $3.15.

Here’s my piece of advice: buy a picture frame, not a piece of art. It took my man quite awhile to get all of the staples and stuff off of the back. Apparently, they wanted the artwork to stay in the frame for a long time. Lesson learned.

My wonderful man looking at the back and wondering what he got himself into.

While he worked on that I ironed my fabric. I found a nice white fabric with white leaves on it. It was 30% off at Hobby Lobby. I think I paid about $5 for a yard of it. I also had to buy a staple gun, but I’m hoping this crafty-thing might become more frequent for me.

When my man finished with the frame, I took the cloth and stapled it onto the frame. The first time I did it, it wasn’t tight enough. It needs to be really tight to make the earrings go in easier.

I enjoyed the staple gun! Felt pretty crafty and powerful!

The final product!

I don’t have a lot of earrings, but my man really wants to fix that problem. Right now, though, I have a one-year-old who thinks pulling them is fun. So for now I stick to my trusty studs. At least now I can see what I have, so I might wear them more often.

I did it, though! I was crafty! I’m thinking about trying to do a similar thing for Baby Girl. If I put cork behind the fabric and put hooks in it she could hang her necklaces and bracelets. I think it would look cute with a long skinny frame. We’ll see!


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  1. Kellie says:

    Love that idea!! I need some displays for earrings when I am doing a jewelry show ….I just might try making one for myself!! :)

  2. You did it! And you say you’re not crafty… psheeh. I’m so proud of you! ;)

  3. Looks great! Hope you fill it with lots and lots of fun earrings.


  4. Blessed Mom says:

    I have wimpy ears so I have to find lightweight dangly earrings. But now I’m on a mission. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Alyssa says:

    You can also do this using screen wire mesh. You glue/staple it to the inside of the frame (where the glass would rest), and then can decorate the inside of the cardboard backing (if you want, or you can be lazy like me and have a background of brown cardboard!) and put it back on so that the frame stands up as if it were still a picture frame. It would be way easier for K to stick things to it, and plus because you keep the backing, it will stand up so you can put it in hers but out of N’s reach. I’m a huge earring junkie, I’ve got 3 8″x10″ frames of these, haha.

  6. Blessed Mom says:

    Awesome idea!!! I will give this a try…not too soon, though. I don’t want to over-do it on craftiness. :)

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