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Have you tried it? Have you heard of it? I don’t remember where I first heard of StitchFix, but it immediately attracted me. Basically, you pay a fee to have a stylist pick out clothes for you. You fill out a questionnaire about your style, your size, your budget, etc. The stylist sends you 5 things. You try them on at home, with different outfits, and decide if you want to keep them. If you do, great. If not, you stick them in the pre-paid bag and send them on their way. Easy, right?

I got my first fix in November. Looking back, I should’ve waited until we weren’t paying for Christmas stuff, but alas, I didn’t think about that. I loved my pieces! They pulled me out of my comfort zone. I never would’ve tried these things if I was in a store.

Please pardon the crazy hair and lack of make up. I just wasn’t in the mood to get dolled up. I probably took off pajamas to try these on.
The only thing I ended up keeping was the jeans. It was more an issue of cost than like. These jeans are comfy, though! I love them! I wear them at least 3 times a week.
This shirt is a navy shirt with a lacy top. It was very flowy. I never would’ve picked it up off the rack in the store, but I loved it! Unfortunately, it was around $50 and for a girl that shops at Target it hurt to think about spending that money for a shirt.

Here it is a little closer.

I got this flannel shirt, too. Again, I loved it, but I have a plaid shirt that is sort of similar, and at $40 I wasn’t buying something I already had.

The other shirt didn’t fit right, so I didn’t even take a picture of that one.

I also got this necklace. Again, I loved it, but I already have a long necklace. And due to children hanging on me I knew it wouldn’t get worn enough. It was $30.

So, I got 1 item out of 5. If it hadn’t been close to Christmas I may have splurged on one more thing. I’m such a cheapskate, so I’d love to see things a little less expensive. You pay $25 for the stylist, but if you buy something that comes out of the final price. Also, if you buy all 5 items they give you a percentage off of the whole price.

The experience was so fun! I loved trying on clothes in my own home. I loved trying on clothes that I wouldn’t ever pick on my own. Besides, trying clothes on at the store with two children isn’t the most fun I’ve ever had. I hope to do it again, but I have to save up some money for this little treat.

Have you tried it? Check it out. It really was a blast! (And if you sign up through my link I get a credit…I mean, isn’t that reason enough?)  You can set your fixes to come automatically, but since I need to save up for mine, I will just let them know when I’m ready for another one.

Let me know if you’ve heard about it. What do you think of someone else shopping for you?

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