Day in the Life, Spring 2013
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A day in my life: Watch out! These days of my life are full of excitement, daring adventures, and lots of drama!

4 am  Buddy cries. He’s been off since we have been sick for the last week. He goes back to sleep. I cannot. Why!? Why can’t I go back to sleep like a normal person?

5 am  I start to drift off and Buddy wakes up again. Blah. We’ve got to get him sleeping til at least 6 again. We head downstairs for some breakfast. Buddy wakes up saying, “Boo bar!” (Cereal bar) He doesn’t stop until you give him one. We keep Aldi open just with our cereal bar purchases. Buddy gets to pick a video to watch while he eats. He picks a truck video. When he’s done eating he plays with trucks and balls while the video plays. He only watches about 10 minutes of it.
I sit on the couch. I am frustrated that he’s up early and that I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I peruse Pinterest for a little while to get rid of the grouchiness hanging over me.

Once I get over the grumpiness I love spending this time with Buddy. He’s funny, talkative, goofy. This morning he’s singing The Wheels on the Bus. I love it!

6 am   Reading through some of our new library books

6:30 am  More truck play

7 am   Baby Girl is up, and I need to change her sheets. I get frustrated. She doesn’t have this problem often, but today it bothered me more than usual. Writing this a day later I’m realizing how much I exaggerated the issue (I know, not me, right?).
While I’m in bed making mode, I go make my bed, too. Having a made bed calms me down every time I walk in my room.

7:30 am While my man is with the kids I decide to mop the floors downstairs. Because mornings aren’t already crazy. I think I need to do something “active” to release some of the frustration.

7:45 am  Pack Baby Girl’s snack for school. I pack oranges and a granola bar. She won’t eat the oranges at home but she eats the whole thing at school. Peer pressure? Who cares; she eats them!

7:50 am   Teach Baby Girl how to make her oatmeal. I have visions of preparing it the night before and having her make it in the morning. Then I realize she can’t get a hot bowl out of the microwave that’s just a little to high for her. Maybe in a few months.

8 am   She eats and Buddy decides it’s time for breakfast part two. I agree! 5 am was a while ago. Yogurt for all!

8:15 am  I shower, hoping the whole time that the kids are playing nicely. I only have to turn the water off once to see what the yelling is about. :)     Get ready for the day. We’re going to meet a friend for a walk, so I wear a t-shirt, workout capris and sneakers. Then decide that it’s a hat day…fantastic!

8:45 Remember that Baby Girl had homework for school. Eh. We’ve been sick for a week. I’m gonna just let this one go. It’s preschool after all.
Out the door.

Showing our Boston love, as usual!

9  am  Drop off Baby Girl. Totally forgot to take pictures.

9:15 am   Stop at Goodwill and look around. I found like-new BearPaw boots for $12.99. But alas, they were too small. Boo hoo!

9:45 am   Leave Goodwill to meet my friend

10  am   Arrive at park, meet friend, get walking!

11:15 am   We walked to another park, played, walked back. Left for home.

11:30 am  Buddy needs another snack. Seriously, this kid eats all day long. When we get home from picking up Baby Girl he is usually almost ready for a nap, so it’s easier if I don’t have to feed him a full lunch when we get home.

11:45 am  Out the door

12 noon  Buddy watches some guys play basketball while we wait for Baby Girl to be done at school. Pick up Baby Girl from school.

12:15  Home. Check out the “special things” Baby Girl found on her nature walk today. I’m a lucky mama.

Pizza in the oven for lunch. Baby Girl uses the magnifying glass she got at school today. Coolest toy ever.

12:30 As predicted, Buddy doesn’t make it until lunchtime. He’s in bed early. After random naps two or three times a day over the last week of sickness, he’s still needing extra sleep at random times. Hopefully I still get some quiet time today.
Baby Girl and I eat some pizza and read through her new magazine she just started getting.

1 pm  Baby Girl begrudgingly goes upstairs so that I can rest. I read because I know she will constantly talk to me about her projects. I also had to have a Pepsi because 4 am was oh so long ago!

2:15  Buddy wakes up, but he sounds fairly happy.
We head outside with some snacks. The kids play, Baby Girl with her new rollerskates that I found at Goodwill for $2.75. Score!
Chatted with the neighbor while my kids pet his dogs. We watched the neighbor’s lawn service mow and the garbage truck came by. So much excitement today in the neighborhood!

3:30 Heading inside
Spent 10 minutes searching for a trailer Buddy had to have for his cars. Found it. He put it down within seconds, already on to something else. Silly boy.

4:00  My eyes are getting really heavy. How long ago was that Pepsi? I might not make it another 1  1/2 hours until my man gets home. And he may come home to a sleeping wife instead of a nice supper.

Time to wrestle! That might wake me up.

4:30 After laying on the couch for 10 minutes, I got up to do the dishes. I am loving my dish drying mat! I only wish I hadn’t taken back the XL size. Oh well.

5:00 Start dinner with Buddy’s help, also install paper towel holder that had fallen down. (Not gonna lie; I had to call my dad about this one.)
5:30 My man gets home. Get family sitting down for dinner. I run and get ready and then head to my hair appt. I love this girl, but she is EXPENSIVE! So instead of a cut every 6-8 weeks I try to go every 5-8 months. Eh. Well. It works.

6:00  Settle in while someone massages my scalp, washes my hair, and cuts my hair. Fantastic!
7:15 Head home. It’s shorter than I was wanting. 8 out of 10 of my haircuts end up shorter than I want. I must not explain myself well. Someday I’ll learn. Hopefully it will work in the humidity that is just around the corner!

7:30 Get home and FaceTime a family friend about how to alter a dress I found at Ross last week. She’s amazing! We’ll see if the dress gets altered correctly with my incredible sewing abilities. :)

7:40  Baby Girl makes my dinner (heats up a sloppy joe for me)…in her heels. Amazing child.

We hang out together until her bedtime. (watching the results of American Idol. I’ve seen one episode–a girl I know from CT made it to Hollywood. But one of the top 4 is from Boston, so I like her, of course.)
I read Baby Girl some stories and we pray and she goes to bed.
Hang out on the couch.

9:00 head upstairs for bed. So tired! Little reading to relax me.
10:00 lights out

Told you…so exciting! I really wanted to do another Day in the Life for the weekend, but it’s hard to have the camera out all day long!

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  1. High five for being broken when it comes to going back to sleep in the middle of the night! A sad high five, of course :)

    Oliver LOVES watching people play basketbal. “Bah-ket bah! Bah-ket bah!”

    Your dish drying mat is so smart.

    And your hair looks AWESOME!

  2. Everytime you do one of these day in the life posts, I get tired just reading them! You are one busy mama, friend. Miss you!

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