Pay it Forward
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About a week ago Buddy grabbed my phone and held it under the faucet. He had just figured out how to turn on the faucet, so he was putting everything he could find under the water. Thankfully my Otterbox kept it pretty protected. But the next day I noticed that the sound wasn’t quite right. My man figured out that the phone thought my headphones were plugged in all the time. The phone still worked, but the problem got more irritating by the day. The kids couldn’t watch videos or play games (which they don’t do a lot, but if I need a minute or two at the store or in the car, it’s great). I couldn’t hear my turn-by-turn navigation. It didn’t always ring or alert me when I got a text message. Nothing huge, just little irritations.

We’ve had a busy week, but all week I’ve set aside Friday morning as the day to drive to the Apple store. It’s about 30 minutes away, so I knew it would be our morning adventure. Such an exciting life we live, right? Last night I checked online and there were no reservations available. I knew this might be a problem, but I decided to go anyway.

Now, just to explain, I didn’t sleep well last night. My man’s been out of town this week, and Buddy has been up to his usual non-sleeping habits. I got there and was told they were too busy, then told, “Danny will be right out to help you.” I thought that meant he was going to help me. Silly me. It actually meant he was coming out to tell me again that they were too busy. I asked if they could just get me a new phone and let me go on my merry way. No, of course that wouldn’t work. I wasn’t upset at the employees; it wasn’t their fault they were busy. I was, however, frustrated that I wasted an hour of our time to have to come back again next week. Getting two kids out the door and in the car for the morning takes some time and planning.

As I left the store I felt the tears come. I was tired, I had driven 30 minutes, and I was going home with a still-broken phone. A man walked out and said, “Ma’am. I want to give you my appointment time.” What!? I told him that I was fine. There was no need to do that. I’d just come back. He insisted, saying that his wife was a stay-at-home mom with two-year-old twins and he understood. He really wanted to do this for me. Well, I started to cry again. I was overwhelmed by his kindness. Such a little thing, but huge to the tired mom with two kids!

I went in. He switched his time and said he’d reschedule for next week, it was just his iPad screen that had a crack. Not a big deal. Seriously, I wanted to hug him.

I stood there and had my phone taken care of. (They didn’t even look at it, just gave me a new one. Why couldn’t they do that before?) Before too long we were on our way. And since it went so quickly, we stopped by the children’s museum for 45 minutes and played. The whole time I sat in gratitude to this stranger. He didn’t have to do that. He was probably busy. He probably took off of work to go to that appointment. But he gave it up for me.

There are days when I think to a time down the road when my kids aren’t so little, aren’t so exhausting, aren’t up all night. And I dream of helping out a young mom, someone who looks like she’s dragging and just needs some encouragement, or an ice cream, or some help. I can’t wait to be a blessing to her! And today someone did that for me. I’m totally being emotional about it. Everyone runs around like crazy, so busy with an agenda. But every once in a while someone stops to help. And it makes a difference. I wish I could contact this guy, let him know how much his actions meant to me. I only know his name is Jeremy. Every time I hear that name I’ll think of this guy and the kindness he showed me today.

I hope this keeps my eyes open for someone else that could use some encouragement, help, or ice cream. I want to pay his kindness forward, because it really did make my day.

Thanks, Jeremy, whoever you are.

4 Comments on "Pay it Forward"

  1. Laura says:

    I would have sobbed. There have been two many moments like that for me and if someone had done something purely to be kind, it would have pushed me right on over to Weepsville.

    What a great guy.

  2. *I’M* crying just reading this.

    Great man… wish we could all tell his wife how awesome that was.

  3. Blessed Mom says:

    That’s exactly what I said! I hope he told her what he did!

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