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Yup, I have it. Olympic fever. I told myself I wasn’t that into it; that I wouldn’t watch t.v. for two weeks straight. Why kid myself? I’m totally sucked in! I’m staying up too late. Although, yay for Central Time Zone! I’m only up til 11 instead of midnight! And as I mentioned it’s been sort of hot here, so we’re staying inside. Bummer.

Baby Girl loves it! She loves cheering. She loves watching the swimmers. Most of all, she loves eating picnic lunches in the living room.


Even Buddy gets into it. During the women’s volleyball game, I was cheering “U-S-A” and he stood there grinning and clapping with me. Fun stuff!

The other day, I told Baby Girl we were cheering for the red team. I told her they weren’t winning at that point. She said to me, “Maybe no one told them the red team is supposed to win.” Well, duh! Someone should tell the other team! Then she suggested cheering louder, which was followed by, “Win, red, win!” in a VERY loud voice! Oh, I love these times!

Go team USA! I imagine winning for your country feels amazing! The dedication of these athletes inspires me. All of that hard work for a set goal. Wow! When I don’t want to get out of bed to go running, I remind myself of the Olympians. I figure I can handle 2-3 miles in the morning if they can run/swim/bike for hours every day.

Yup, we’re loving the Olympics. I think we’ll have withdrawals when they’re over!

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  1. Shelly says:

    Yeah, we’re watching it non-stop too. Thank goodness for a dvr! And I love that you do picnic lunches, too. I hope I can convince Shaylin to eat at the table again once the Olympics are over.

  2. Mandy says:

    Love the new look! Very clean and simple. And yes, I am an Olympics junkie too!

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