An Unexpected Deal
Posted by Blessed Mom in Deals

Tonight my man took us out for dinner. We were going to get Chick-fil-A, but the lines were super long. I had some really good coupons for Wendy’s. Our total came to over $20 and with our coupons we paid less than $10. Not too bad for a family of four!

Afterwards I asked my man if we could run into Target for some laundry detergent. Usually I can get decent deals with coupons and sales. Truthfully, since Buddy was born, and especially since the move I haven’t kept up with coupons. I get some in the mail once a week, but there haven’t been any detergent coupons. But we need it. With the way I do laundry these days I can’t afford to run out!

I happened to see a clearance sign on the All Free & Clear detergent. They were marked down to $6.70. These were the 100 and 115 fluid ounce bottles. The 100 ounce bottle of Tide was $12. Two of the bottles had a coupon for $2 off any two bottles of All. So, I ended up spending $29.50 for 545 ounces of detergent or 304 loads. Not too shabby, especially for the girl who didn’t have any coupons and was planning to pay full price for a bottle of needed detergent.

Nice evening, I’d say.

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