Total Randomness
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All morning I’ve been saying, “Oh, that would be a good blog post.” Now it’s quiet time in our house and I can’t remember one thing I was going to write about. Doesn’t that figure? So, I’m gonna write my randoms and go from there.

* I went running yesterday morning! Not really a big deal, except that I ran outside, in July, in Texas! I figured I wouldn’t run outside for several months. Buddy didn’t sleep well the night before (please be a tooth coming in!), so at 6:45 I decided to get my tired, lazy bum out of bed and get some exercise. I planned to do a short jog around the block, but when I got to the end I felt really good so I kept going. I ended up going two miles without any walking! I was dripping when I got home, but I felt so good! We’ll see if I can get out of bed again.

*  The other night was frustrating! I grabbed the glass from my earring project and found out quickly that the edges were rough. So now both ring fingers have slices on them.

Picture courtesy of an adorable 3-year-old I know!

Don’t I look cool with those bandaids? Baby Girl offered me her Hello Kitty ones (sweet), but I thought that might be a little over-the-top.

So, then, later in the evening I was getting ready for bed and I stepped on something sharp. I look at my heel and there is a staple sticking out of it. Again, from my crafty experiment! So I climbed in bed and told my man I was done for the night and that I needed ice cream.

*  We still have some boxes laying around. It’s starting to drive me crazy! I need to get some storage solutions, such as shelves, baskets, etc. We also need to buy a desk for our office area. The boxes of computer stuff sitting in my bedroom do not provide relaxation!

*  I am about to register for my first blogging conference! I used Twitter to find some moms in my new area and quickly found out there is a conference nearby at the end of August. I’m excited and nervous! I’m definitely not a “professional” blogger, but the conference is for Christian mom bloggers. I figure that at the very least I’ll meet new people and learn a thing or two.
–Just a little side note here: I met two of the sweetest girls in Vermont on Twitter. My parents thought I was crazy meeting people on the internet, but it worked out nicely. Hopefully Twitter pulls through for me again!

*  My mother-in-law is here. Today we went to the science center. Tomorrow probably the splash park. Who knows what else we’ll do. I’m just happy to have someone around to talk to.


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