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I’m not a huge fan of our sink. I’ve always had deep sinks and this one is kind of shallow. The faucet we had didn’t work well, so the first time I did dishes I got soaked from the water splashing all over! I told my man we could get a new faucet or he could do dishes. Guess which happened? :)

The pictures are terrible (again)! I forgot to get a before picture, so I took a picture of the old one out in the garage.

Isn’t she a beauty? I mean, the wood on the handles? Love at first sight!

Anyway, we found this true beauty

The best part? We had one picked out. The price fit our budget a little better. But the box was opened and a piece was missing. The other one we liked was out of stock. So, we got this one for the price of the first one ($30 difference)! I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited about a faucet before. Ahhh….homeownership!

(Question: do any of you have that little nook behind your sink? What do you put there? I’m at a loss.)


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  1. kirsten says:

    Nice faucet! I don’t have that little nook behind my faucet but I’ve seen others put herb pots there

  2. Tasha says:

    Hey! I got a new faucet this week too! Mine was free though. :) My MIL gave it to us and it’s really nice! Remind me to share a pic with you so we can smile some more over faucets!

  3. Blessed Mom says:

    Yes, but then I’d have to keep a plant alive. Might be worth it for fresh cilantro, though…. hmmmm

  4. pretty faucet! i’ve been begging my husband for a new faucet for years. i should give him the “dishes” ultimatum {wink} if i had a nook, i’d probably put a small faux plant, a framed picture or scripture art, and maybe a kitchen-y scented candle or my Scentsy warmer. happy dish-washing!

  5. Blessed Mom says:

    Let me know how the ultimatum turns out! :) Faucets are much more expensive than I knew! I couldn’t believe it!

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