My Red Sox!
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When my man told me he planned to apply for the job in Texas one of my first responses had something to do with attending a Red Sox game. He promised me tickets (to make up for moving me 1800 miles away). :) Well, the week arrived. The Red Sox are in town! Seriously, just knowing they are here has me all giddy. The kids and I wore our Red Sox hats to the grocery store today. Buddy wore his David Ortiz jersey yesterday. We’re representin’ down here!

Last night my man took me to the stadium to watch my favorite team. Unfortunately, Ortiz is on the DL. But Buchholz pitched, and I like him. Salty happens to be my favorite catcher, but he didn’t start. He did play at the end, though, so I saw him!
Our seats were pretty high up, but we actually enjoyed them! We sat in the shade the whole game; there was a nice breeze. We were on the 3rd baseline and surrounded by Red Sox fans in Texas for business. What are the odds? One guy behind us grew up about 20 minutes from me. I enjoyed hearing them cheer and talk about how it’s all better at Fenway. :) (Seriously, singing Sweet Caroline is WAY better than Deep in the Heart of Texas.) The game was kind of slow, but my boys pulled it off in the 9th inning! Yay!

And, I was away from my kids for 5 hours! First time I’ve been away that long since Buddy was born. I came home and found out that he was fine without his 9:00 feeding. That actually made me sad. He doesn’t need me any more. Well, at least not for food. But I was happy that the kids did well. My man and I had a great time! It’s really a great ballpark. And the company couldn’t be beat!

While there a girl walked by wearing this shirt:


You can have it customized to say whatever state, country, you want. Yes, please! There was also one that said, “Help! I married a Boston fan!” I might be buying that for my man. :)


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  1. Aww, I’m so happy you got to go! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Glad you guys had fun! For my sake I’m glad that Noah was okay with his cup of milk, but know that he will always need his Momma! We went to the right games this week, Boston won for you on Tuesday and the Rangers won for me on Wednesday!

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