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When we moved in I had big dreams about my BIG pantry. Maybe it isn’t big to some, but to this girl, it’s huge! Now, let me start by saying that in an ideal world I would go to the store and buy some fantastic and matching containers. I love the OXO pop canisters. However, they are a little (okay, a lot) out of my budget. So my man and I went to The Container Store and Bed, Bath, and Beyond last week on our date night (first one in several months!). We had some gift cards and a plan to organize! I didn’t want to spend too much over the gift cards, so we were looking for affordable, nice looking, and useful. Unfortunately, BB&B didn’t have the options that The Container Store did. I say unfortunately because most of our gift card money was for BB&B. In the end, I got great stuff. Yes, we spent money, but I love the look and utility of my pantry! The lady at The Container Store said, “Wow! No two alike, huh?” No, we didn’t buy all the same kind. We were going for economy more than beauty. They are all clear with white tops; that’s good enough for me!

Ready for some pictures?

Before…not terrible, but starting to drive me crazy!


The floor was a dumping ground.

But here it is after a few easy and quick changes:


Again, no huge changes, but  I can now open my pantry without hyperventilating.


The floor. I bought the baskets for onions and potatoes on the bottom and canned goods on the top.

I bought shelves for my spices. Our old house had an awesome pull out cabinet next to the oven for spices. It took me a while to decide what I wanted, but these work perfectly.
I’m feeling the need to put the breads in a basket, but I’m afraid things will get hidden and not eaten. Still working on that.


At the bottom are three containers for pasta. I love the look of pasta in a container! And it’s easier than trying to keep the pasta boxes closed after using 1/2 of a box.
I got a container for popcorn and two small containers for snacks. Now I can grab a thing of fruit snacks or a granola bar and run out the door. Perfect! No boxes to mess with!
I have pistachios, oatmeal, and rice in containers on the top. The basket keeps boxes of rice, packets for soup, and mac & cheese.


This is my baking side. The basket at the top has jello, baking mixes, seasoning packets, etc.
I bought the flour and sugar keepers at The Container Store. My canisters that match my dishes broke in the move so I had to find something else. I actually like these better since they don’t take up any counter space.


On the top shelf I have a basket for chips. (We always have tortilla chips in our house!)
We have a container for Cheerios. Since this picture I found a container that I wasn’t using, so I put the pinto beans in that.

So there ya have it! My containers might not match, but I’m pretty in love with my pantry! I feel like we’re using the space pretty well. I’m grateful to have another pantry on the other side of the kitchen for my small appliances. So this pantry is dedicated mostly to food. Every day I’m reminded about how blessed we are! God truly gave us more than we could’ve asked for!

Any other things I should do to stay organized in here? Suggestions welcome!


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  1. Wow, that space is huge! Totally jealous. :) Looks great!

  2. I’m also jealous of your pantry! :) It looks great!

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