Motherhood = Tough
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I know it’s tough in a lot of ways, but this week it’s the weaning process. Buddy is still breastfed. As of a month ago he was eating 6 times a day. We’re now down to 3 or 4. The problem is that two of the feedings are after he’s in bed. He eats at 9 and then again early morning. The early morning was 6, then he’d go back to sleep. Over the course of the move he has started getting up between 4 and 5. I’ve been too tired to fight it, so I feed him then go back to sleep. We need to put an end to it, though.

The end came this week. The first day my man got him up when he cried and gave him a cup of milk. He put him to bed and he was quiet for a while. Then the crying started. He cried for a long time! He woke up his sister. He didn’t settle. I went in about an hour later and he just clung to me. It was like he didn’t need the milk but he needed mama. It broke my heart! Unfortunately, at that point he didn’t want me to put him down. He’d fall asleep in my arms and then when I put him in his crib he’d scream. Seriously, my mama heart broke!

I don’t think he needs the milk. I think he just needs Mama. It was just so hard to watch him cuddle with me, holding on so tight. I just wanted to feed him and put him back to bed. In the end, he slept for about an hour until about 6:30 or so. I fed him at 7, which seemed to perk him right up. He played for a while until the tired set in. Now he’s sleeping peacefully.

Baby Girl did fine with weaning. It seemed like she was ready for every feeding we dropped . Buddy doesn’t seem so ready. I was ready to get rid of the 9:00 feeding next week. I’m thinking I’ll hold on to it a little bit longer. We’re going out Tuesday night. I’m hoping he’ll go back to sleep after a cup of milk at 9. Otherwise our babysitter might have a screaming baby on her hands. Yes, I haven’t been out much past 9 since he was born almost 13 months ago. It has never bothered me. I love nursing my baby! But it’s time to do what’s best for him. Yes, feeding him is good for him, but right now I think it’s more important that he sleeps all night. Hearing him scream hurts me, but I know it’s best for him. Doing what’s best isn’t always easy or fun.

Yup, mothering is tough. Sometimes you just gotta take a nice nap. Hopefully these cute kids let me do that today!

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  1. Laura says:

    Good luck with the weaning. Oliver is very clingy to me these days and suddenly I’m nursing him a lot more frequently. We’ll get through it and YES naps are glorious some days :)

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