Growing Up
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This week’s to do list? Shopping preschools! What? Did I just say that? How did my baby get old enough to go to preschool? I’m fighting the whole thing, actually. I know Baby Girl will love it! I know that the needs the socialization, especially since we don’t have any play dates or get-togethers right now. But…for some reason I’m struggling with it.
Here are the waring sides:  1. Mama wants to keep her baby close. I want any influences in her life to come from me or someone that I know and trust. I don’t know her teacher. I don’t know the kids that will be in her class. What if she learns something I don’t like? Before you roll your eyes and criticize my obvious over-protection, let me explain that I know what I sound like. I know I’m holding on too tight. I know that I have to learn to let her grow up (even at 3). I have watched people who hold their kids too close and always vowed not to do that. So, I know I need to loosen my grip.

2. I know this would be a great learning time for Baby Girl! And not “book learning” but life learning. She needs to learn social skills. She needs to know how to share, express her feelings, make friends, and deal with hurts.

I don’t know what we’ll do. It is an added expense. We really do have to weigh out the pros and cons. Once again I’m amazed at how quickly time is passing. I think back three years ago and wonder how she got so big so quickly. Then I look at Buddy and realize that before I know it he’ll be three and just as grown up.

Once again, this parenting thing is tough. Still, it’s the best job I’ve ever had!

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  1. I am right there with you! Luke is 3 and heading to a special preschool in just over a month (a month!!). I know it will be fantastic for him but I’m still a little scared, too. We’ll be fine…right? :)

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