Far Away from Home
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Well, no, not home. Texas is my home. But New England is my HOME. Get it? Anyway, today I’ve been feeling so very far away! I miss the gorgeous summer weather where you spend every possible minute outside. I miss meeting friends at the pool. I miss cookouts. I miss late night creemee trips. I miss long walks in the evening, or the morning or afternoon.
I’ve had a rough day. Our car has been in the shop for two days so we’ve been stuck at home. The lack of friends leaves me feeling lonely and discouraged. Other than a person or two at a park or a church we visited, I haven’t really talked to anyone my age since we left Connecticut, a month ago today. A month. That’s a long time to go without friendships! Talk about feeling isolated!
My man arranged for a rental car for us so that we could go out tomorrow. I need to run to the grocery store. I’ll probably run to Target (Because I can. Vermont doesn’t have any Targets.) My man let me drive his car home from the rental car place tonight. I had 10-15 minutes of quiet. I decided to make the most of it. I called my friends. (Don’t judge. Sometimes I talk on the phone while driving.) I have a list of people I want to call, but it seems like I never have a block of time to call them. The kids need to eat, the kids will wake up, I want to nap, I have to make dinner. I don’t want to call when I might be interrupted. So I took the opportunity tonight. Would you believe I got 5 voice mails? Five! What do people do on Thursday evenings? Come on!
I went home even more discouraged and even more lonely. But then, just after Baby Girl went to bed my phone rang. I talked to a sweet friend for a long time. I hung up, took two steps from my phone, and another friend called. Talk about a nice evening! Then I realized that those two conversations completely changed my night. It required me to pick up the phone and dial. It wasn’t hard, but the result changed my attitude.
I learned a few things tonight. 1. I need to call my friends more. I don’t like talking on the phone, but I don’t live near my friends anymore. This is how I will stay in touch. 2. Friendships that span 1800 miles make me smile. I know that when I go back to visit someday I can still sit down with these friends and chat. I can’t wait! 3. Sometimes I need to stop waiting for someone else to pick up the phone, take the lead, show the initiative, and do it myself. How were my friends in Vermont supposed to know I was lonely today? They didn’t. I needed to stop pitying myself and do something about it.

So as I go to bed tonight I feel loved and happy. I still don’t have any local friends, but I know that I have some great friends that are just a phone call away!

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  1. Carrie says:

    Just thought yesterday “I need to call Amy.” Well, I must charge up my phone today and will call soon! Love you and miss you. Clemson is closer than Vermont, right :)?

  2. It was so good to talk to you last night! I need to do better about calling more often… Miss you friend! And don’t lose heart. You WILL make new friends. It just takes time, unfortunately.

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