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Two Saturdays ago we took my mother-in-law to a cattle drive. I mean, we live in Texas now. Isn’t that the kind of thing you do here?

I braved the heat and tried my best to enjoy summer in this new climate!

Look at those horns!

There they go!
The kids really enjoyed watching the big cows go by. Even Buddy just stopped and watched. The whole thing was a lot shorter than I anticipated, but it was still neat to see the cowboys (and girls) leading them down the road. I also decided that we will always park in the parking lot…never on the street! Those horns could sideswipe my car!

We played the tourist and bought Baby Girl a cowboy hat and boots. She was in her element! Even in Vermont she talked about being a cowboy and yelling “yeehaw!”  I’m sure this move will just encourage that!

The whole area definitely catered to tourists, but since we are just that right now, it impressed us. Stagecoaches, wagon rides, sitting on bulls, cowboy shops. The whole day made us feel like we actually lived in Texas. Because we’re in a large city, the only thing that’s really made me feel like I’m in Texas is the heat and the lack of mountains. Saturday changed some of that. Well, and now we have a cowboy hat and boots lying around.


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