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We will be SLOWLY working through the house to get it how we want it. I’ll share things as we go. I’m trying to get before photos so that I’ll have them when I show the after photos. We don’t have any room completely done yet, but we’re getting there.

Here is today’s project:

We have a closet in our living room. It’s a dream for me! I HATE having toys out. It’s a pet peeve of mine. I want the living room to look like a grown-up place when the kids are in bed and when we have company. So this closet…wonderful!

I didn’t take a before. It was mostly boxes. Today I unpacked and organized. We’re planning to get bookshelves for the living room, so some of the photo albums will go on those. I also want to get baskets for toys at the bottom.

I put crafts, coloring books, crayons, paper, stickers, etc in here. We’ll eventually have games (when I find them) and puzzles in here, too. I want to keep things easily accessible but also out of reach of the into-everything-Buddy-boy.

But the best part of this storage solution?

It has doors! So even if it gets messed up inside (because I’m sure it will!) I can close the doors and pretend that everything is in its place!


This is the closet area (with a teeny part of our new couch showing!) and Baby Girl’s kitchen. I had to take a picture because even the kitchen has everything in its place…for the next 12 hours or so…ahhhh!

I’m super excited about the closet and about getting to organize it today! I love organizing!

More rooms to come…stay tuned!

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