Buddy’s 1st Birthday Party
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When we left Vermont, I decided that I wanted to throw a party for Buddy when we were in Connecticut. It will be awhile before we have close friends in Texas, and we won’t have any family there. So, I wanted to celebrate with our close friends and family before we left. I planned the theme months ago…Noah’s Ark. I mean, what other theme could you have for a little boy named Noah? I found some cute ideas on Pinterest and kind of just went with it.

My plan all along has been to get the Fisher Price Little People ark for the little guy. He (and Baby Girl) loved it! They couldn’t wait for me to get it out of the box!

My friend made the “official” cake and this smash cake. Unfortunately, it was inappropriately named, since Buddy wouldn’t smash it. He actually didn’t really want it at all. Weirdo.

The inside of the smash cake. So cool!

This is the real-deal cake. How amazing is it? I told my friend I wanted Noah’s ark, however she wanted to do it. This FAR exceeded what I had hoped for! She put puppies on the front because Buddy loves puppies! This is such a special cake! And, it was completely made from scratch; the fondant was even orange creamsicle….yum!!! Seriously, the fondant tasted amazing! I was blown away by the whole thing!

We served lots of rainbow and animal foods: rainbow Twizzlers, rainbow goldfish, animal crackers, zebra cakes, and a rainbow fruit tray. The only “boring” food was a veggie platter.

The rainbow fruit tray. We had kiwi under the grapes, but they didn’t show up enough. The grapes made the green pop!

I saw these favors on Pinterest. When I went to fill them I realized how many Skittles it would take. A friend suggested I put “clouds” on either end. If I ever do this again I will use the smaller Gatorade bottles, but I still love how they turned out!

I was most excited about the drinks (after the cake, of course). I found these at a local supermarket. The company is also local. I loved having a rainbow of drinks!

Buddy’s “throne” for his special day!


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  1. Aww, this was adorable! So glad you were able to celebrate with family and friends. :)

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