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I showed you our Vermont memory book a few weeks ago. When we found out we were moving I knew I wanted to make a book of Baby Girl’s friends in Vermont as well. She is a social butterfly, and I thought it would be neat to look back and talk about her friends and the memories they made. Then, I found a code for another free Shutterfly book! Hooray!

For some friends I had gobs and gobs of pictures. For other friends we had to arrange times to take a picture. But I got it done and ordered it the night before we moved.

I couldn’t think of a more creative title. My creativity left for a few weeks there in the middle of packing.


(Ignore the little animals. I don’t have permission from my friends to have their kids’ full names and pictures placed on the internet.)
I put pictures of her friends and then a little blurp telling how old they are, how we met them, what they played together, etc.

We included her grown-up friends, too. Because she’s only three, a lot of her friends are family friends.

Doctors even made the cut in our friend book! Baby Girl enjoyed going to the doctor, so I couldn’t forget them. Besides, Buddy’s chiropractor did so much for him. I couldn’t leave her out!

I hope Baby Girl and even Buddy enjoy looking at this in the next few weeks and months. I know I will enjoy it and the memories it will bring!

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  1. Aww, this makes me miss you guys even more. Glad we made the cut! How’s K handling everything?

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