Dear Baby Girl,
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Sweet Baby Girl. I love you so much! You are thoughtful, sweet, funny, and so much more! This move has been hard on you (side note: thanks to Mama’s friends for the good advice. Even if she’s still struggling, I feel much better about how I’m handling it! Thank you!) You are overwhelmed. Almost every day you ask if the truck is coming today. I know you’re excited and nervous. I understand completely.

You want to help me so much. I appreciate it. However, some things are better for Mamas to do. Like packing. You wanted to spend quiet time in your room today. Usually you’re asking if you can have it in the living room. That should’ve tipped me off. You couldn’t wait to show me what you did. Of course, you locked your door on your way out, so I had to unlock the door before I could see your accomplishment.


You emptied all of your drawers because you “wanted to take all these clothes to Texas!” I know you wanted to help. I appreciate your sweet spirit. However, Mama had already packed those drawers. I put your hanging clothes in them and they were almost ready to be put on the truck.
I’m not upset at you. You were helping. But boy, I’m tired. And packing things twice makes me more tired.

While you were working on that, I was packing up the kitchen. Buddy was doing his own work:

Yes, you two help me so much!

Thanks, Baby Girl! I love you! Please stay sweet. Please stay generous with your time and your love.

Now, no more packing for you!



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