Jumbled Emotions
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I knew it would hit. It had to eventually. I’m surprised it took this long, but it’s hitting hard. Sadness.

The marathon packing session with friends today wore me out emotionally and physically. We packed so much, though! I am thrilled about that. But I think it finally sunk in that we’re actually moving. To Texas. These things I’m packing will be in storage for at least a month while we find a new home.
My house is a mess and likely will be for the next three weeks. Three weeks. We leave Vermont in three weeks. So I’m trying to cram in as much fun stuff as I can, while packing up everything and trying to keep on schedule for the kids. And right now it seems like too much. I am too tired.

So I’ve decided that instead of packing right now I am going to go lay down on my bed and enjoy the quiet. I will read and maybe fall asleep. But I will just rest. I might regret it later, but right now I need this more than I need to have two more boxes packed.

This mood will pass. I will get my energy back. I will be excited about the move again soon, but right now I feel sad.

2 Comments on "Jumbled Emotions"

  1. Tasha says:

    :( I’m sorry, friend. Chin up.

  2. Having done two moves across state lines, I do understand your pain somewhat. It will get easier and easier as time goes on – it really will. What you are feeling is totally valid but you can also rub Texas in my face next winter when it’s been 0 degrees for three straight weeks up here in New England. :)

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