Digging out
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I’m digging out to type this short post. Digging out from under the boxes. We are in full-steam-ahead packing mode now. I’m learning to live in a continual disaster zone. It’s fun. Really.
We have seen several friends who refused to say good bye to us, which will actually make it easier in the long run. About once a day Baby Girl tells me, “I don’t want to move to Texas.” In case you were wondering, a 3 year old definitely gets the concept of moving from everything that is familiar to her.
We are getting there, though. Saturday we’re having a moving sale. Oh, please, Vermonters, come buy our stuff! We could use the money to pay for the move and we have tons of stuff! I’m just hoping a good chunk of it sells, even if I’m selling sweaters for a dime. That’s fine by me.
Well, I need to get back to packing. Or maybe I’ll nap. Buddy and I seem to have caught a cold, which is really killing my productivity.

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  1. Sigh… I think I’ve been in denial that you’re really leaving, and now it’s so close it’s hard to pretend it’s not real. You and Ryan were the first people to befriend us after we moved back to Vermont. We’re going to miss you all a lot. Excited for you, but still going to miss you!

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