10 Months
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Buddy, you are ten months old now! I can’t believe how close we are to celebrating your first birthday. I had such grand plans for an awesome party. Now we’ll be in transition and I have no idea if we’ll have a party, if we’ll be with Dada, or if we’ll have any friends or family there. But somehow we’ll do something special for your birthday. It’s a big day to celebrate!

You are now walking! This milestone caught me a little off guard. Your sister walked at 10 months, but she never crawled. You crawled early and quickly. I didn’t think you saw any need to walk. But then about two weeks ago you started taking steps. Now you can walk across a room, turn around, and walk back. I love watching you waddle around. It’s adorable! And sometimes when you lose your balance, you plop down and grunt as if to say, “Ugh. I was so close to getting there!”

You have two teeth. I think there’s another one coming on the bottom, but it just isn’t poking through yet. You walk early, you get teeth late (or later than Baby Girl did). We’re branching out on your foods, though. Last week you turned down your lunch of pinto beans and cheese, sat on my lap and ate my serving of mac & cheese. Today you devoured the kielbasa I put on your plate. You still nurse six times a day, but it’s getting harder. You are just too curious about what is going on around you.
While we’re discussing your seemingly inability to sit still, let’s talk about diaper changes. I dread them. I don’t pay for a gym membership because changing your diaper burns more calories than an hour on the treadmill. You are non-stop! I’m working on mastering putting a diaper on while you’re crawling. I have the onesie and pants down. We gave up the changing table long ago. Now you just lie on the floor. It was safer for all of us!

You love being outside! You crawl back and forth in the tunnel at the park, laughing every time I run from one side to the other. The swing is your other favorite! I’ll miss being able to walk to the park with you and your sister. We are spoiled!
You crawl on grass now. At the beginning you weren’t too sure about the feel of it. The other day you crawled down the sidewalk to the neighbor’s house. That had to hurt your knees, but you kept going! Crazy boy.

Buddy, I love you so much! You make me laugh, with your teasing grin, your funny faces, and your big stories. Baby Girl continues to be one of your favorite people, even though sometimes she plays a little rough. I enjoy watching you grow and learn more about the world around you. I have no doubt that you have the same sense of humor that your sister does. You two will have lots of good times in the years to come.

I know you don’t understand what’s going on with all of the boxes around. I know you won’t remember the first 10 months of your life. But they have been good months. Vermont is a good place to grow up. I’m sure Texas is, too! It doesn’t really matter, though, because you’ll be with your family. And that’s the best place to be!

Love you, big guy!

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  1. Laura says:

    Such a cutie.

    I can’t believe he’s walking! I mean, I can, but WOW. I think I’m getting “lucky” and I’ll have another month of just crawling :)

    I used a changing table with Bella until she was potty trained. She loved laying there and having her diaper changed. I haven’t bothered in a couple months with Oliver. Isn’t it funny how different kids can be?

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