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Today the kiddos and I headed to the mall. It’s vacation week around here, so I was a little hesitant to go. We got there at 10, though, and it was pretty empty. I went for two reasons: I had a coupon for free underwear from VS. I had a scarf to return from Christmas. When I returned the scarf I found a cute sweatshirt for Buddy. My man and I are both soccer enthusiasts, so I tend to buy anything with soccer. Plus, it was on a clearance rack. I had a little left on a gift card from when Buddy was born, so this item was free. We headed to Kohl’s to see if they had any clearance boots. (I am slightly obsessed with boots.) They had tons, but it was hard to pick through. In between looking at boots, I had to put Buddy’s shoe back on (His favorite game is kicking them off.), feed him Cheerios, make sure Baby Girl wasn’t pushing the stroller too far away, and answer her “why” questions. Whew. Exhausting business,  shopping with two little kids. I didn’t find boots for me, but I found Nike sneakers for Buddy for…. $3.20!!! Yay! I also found the cutest fake Uggs for Baby Girl for $7.99. We returned something to Kohl’s awhile ago and had a gift card, so these items were also free. And, they gave me the extra money from the card ($4) in cash! Yay!
On our way out, we walked through the show department of Sears. They had the boots I was looking for on clearance! I tried them on, sent my man a picture of them, decided on a color, etc. (Again, all while answering “why” questions, feeding Cheerios, and trying to keep track of those baby shoes!) The boots were marked down from $80 to $20. I figured that was a good deal. When I checked out, they rang up to $13.99!

I walked out of the mall sweating from trying to keep two kids happy. (Oh, we had to rush to the potty before we could get to the car.) But, I also walked out having spent $13.99. I got a sweatshirt, underwear, boots, and shoes for both kids, and I spent $13.99! Not too bad at all.

I also walked by Dunkin’ Donuts twice without caving! Pretty successful day if you ask me.

I couldn’t get Baby Girl to take the boots off for the picture. They seem snug in her calves, but they’re two sizes too big. I hope they fit next year!

How cute are those Nikes! I’m certain he’ll be walking by the time he’s in that size, so they’ll be perfect!


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  1. Tasha says:

    So the moral of the story is that I need to go back to Sears to buy more boots? Got it!

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