A Fashionista I am Not!
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I was perusing Old Navy’s site the other day. I have been watching for a certain sweater for Baby Girl to go on sale. I looked through women’s clearance and was shocked! I saw sweaters that I’m pretty sure my sister wore in the 80’s. Now, no offense to my sister, she was just wearing the current trends, but I am not a fan. I wore the slouched socks (two colors, worn opposite), the boat shoes (with laces spiraled around), and huge scrunchies. Oh, I also had one of those plastic things to make the “knot” in your t-shirts. Anyway, I was only in elementary school, but I wore some 80’s fashion. Looking back, though, I’m not a fan. Neon colors, big hair, weird prints. It’s just not my thing. I couldn’t tell you my style for sure, but I would guess it’s more “classic”. I wear jeans and t-shirts or sweaters. Sometimes I can be convinced to get the latest fashion, but it usually takes me awhile. I finally bought a pair of skinny jeans, but I was later than most. I still don’t have ballet flats.

This sweater, with the buttons on the back, I’m pretty sure my sister had one like it. I don’t love it.

The sweater with the cap sleeves. I did wear this sweater. I’m pretty sure it was passed down from my sister. Maybe it’s cute, but I feel like this sweater needs big hair, slouched socks, and a scrunchie.

My brother had shorts in this print. Different colors, (his were neon colors) but this print.

So, I didn’t really see much that I liked during this “shopping trip”. I might wear some of these someday, but it’s gonna take awhile to get the childhood images out of my head. But this coat? Yes, please. I love it!

Again, I know I can’t really claim any style sense, but here’s my opinion, for what it’s worth.


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  1. Tasha says:

    Ok. I like the top two sweaters. I do. The patterned one is eww though! Love that jacket!

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