An Award!
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My friend Tasha at My Homemade Happiness nominated my blog for the Liebster Award!

“A Liebster Blog Award is a fun way to recognize your fellow bloggers and get the word out about how much you love them! It’s specifically for smaller blogs and those of us who are just getting started! Liebster is a German word that means favorite or dearest.” I was thrilled to be included in Tasha’s list of five bloggers!

Here is my list of great small blogs!

My Homemade Happiness

I have to admit, even if she didn’t nominate me I would’ve put Tasha on my list. She often makes me laugh as she talks about raising three boys (and being overrun by Legos). And her recipes look amazing! I’ve had her cooking and can attest to how talented she is in the kitchen!

Just Another Day in Paradise

I was drawn to Kathy’s blog when I found out she was from Connecticut, but now I just love reading whatever she writes. She shares crafts, stories about her girls and homeschooling, and encouragement for me as a mom. I loved her series on Becoming a Joyful Wife and Mother. She gave such practical ideas and again encouraged me to enjoy my job as mom and wife.

Navigating the Mothership

I don’t remember how I found Laura’s blog, but I’ve been laughing and commiserating with her ever since. She had her baby boy about two weeks after I had Buddy. I’ve enjoyed seeing another baby grow up with Buddy. And sorry, Laura, but I was sort of happy to hear that my son wasn’t the only clingy, non-sleeping baby on the planet. I loved reading her love story and am seriously contemplating trying to write my love story out as well.

The Illiterate Author

My friend Alissa just started this blog a few months ago. She reviews the books she reads and usually has me laughing about something. She will probably be mad at me for mentioning her blog, but hey, I like reading it.  I’m sure she’d love ideas from all of you for some great books to read!

Blue Jeans and Cotton Tees

I think I started reading Melinda’s blog at a blog party a year or two ago. I admit, I’m totally drawn in by her description of country life with Amish neighbors. She has a great sense of humor in every situation.  I’m sorry for any of you animal lovers out there, but her story about Little Bunny Fufu made me laugh out loud!

There you have it, my five nominations for great small blogs! Check ‘em out!

2 Comments on "An Award!"

  1. Tasha says:

    Great list! Thanks for including me!

  2. Laura says:

    Thanks!!! Excited to check out those other blogs.

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