Strong Enough
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I AM TIRED! I feel like I’m in a fog. Buddy just won’t sleep for long periods of time. He’ll be six months next week and he has yet to sleep through the night. I keep seeing updates on facebook, “my baby slept all night!” And these are from friends who have 2- or 3-month-olds. Of course, they may not do it again for several months, but Buddy has NEVER done it! I’m exhausted. I’m at the end of my rope. For the last week or so he has been incredibly needy…always wanting to be held. I am trying to do all sorts of baking for gifts, decorate the house, clean the house, shop, etc. And I just don’t feel like I can do it any more. It’s too much. After talking about someone we know who is making all homemade gifts, baking, etc, I told my man, “I wish I was enough.” Then I remembered my post from a few weeks ago. He is enough. Then I thought of the song Strong Enough by Matthew West. Boy, this is perfect for me right now. So I’ll play this on repeat for the next few days. We’ll make it through this. I know we will. But I can’t do it on my own. I need help! Good thing He is strong enough.


You must think I’m strong to give me what I’m going through.
Well, forgive me if I’m wrong, but this looks like more than I can do on my own.
I know I’m not strong enough to be everything that I’m supposed to be.
I give up. I’m not strong enough.
Hands of mercy won’t you cover me.
Lord, right now I’m asking you to be strong enough for the both of us.

Well, maybe that’s the point, to reach the point of giving up.
Cause when I’m finally at rock bottom, well, that’s when I start looking up and reaching out.

You are God and you are strong when I am weak
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, and I don’t have to be strong enough.

3 Comments on "Strong Enough"

  1. Laura says:

    I can relate very, very much :) Our little guys are so similar and Oliver has been needing round-the-clock holding lately. This too shall pass! Wishing you rest :) Come on, Buddy!

  2. Blessed Mom says:

    Glad I’m not alone! I keep wondering what I’m doing wrong, but I don’t think it’s that. Maybe they’ll give us the gift of sleep for Christmas. :)

  3. Tasha says:

    You want me to come hold him all afternoon one day this week so you can get stuff done? You know I’ll do it!

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