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When we were in Ohio, we had the chance to go shopping, not once, but twice, without the kiddos. I had been to Target in Connecticut and wasn’t overly impressed with their Halloween clearance. I know better than to buy costumes a year in advance, but I was hoping to find some neat dress-up clothes for Baby Girl for Christmas. They were 50% off in CT, which I didn’t feel was that great. When we got to Ohio we went out and found them to be 70% off at Target. We got her a princess outfit, which I’m sure she’ll love. I tried to get her a cowboy outfit, but that was an ordeal. It was only the hat and sheriff’s badge. They were charging me 70% off of the original price when the coat and vest were missing. I asked for a discount and was told it would be marked down an extra dollar. So I was charged $5.10 for a hat and a badge. I said that it was still too much when over half of the costume was missing. The manager came over and said, “Well, I can’t sell it to you anyway. We’re going to donate it.” I asked if she would donate it to my daughter. She ignored me. I was so frustrated, but anyway….
We headed to Walmart and found their Halloween stuff marked down to 75% off. I got Baby Girl a southern belle outfit (basically a fancy dress and hat) for $5! I also found adorable fall cupcake holders for $.45! Yay!
There is a store near my in-laws’ called Gabriel Brothers. (Have any of you heard of it?) I am a huge fan! It’s name-brand stuff for much cheaper. They had a HUGE collection of Melissa and Doug toys…my favorites! I got each of the kids a toy for Christmas, both under $5! Then I found a Jansport University of Alabama sweatshirt for my niece…$10! I kept telling my man, “I wish I was a ‘Bama fan.” We also got each other some gifts (usually we shop separately, but they were good deals). I’m not going to mention them here, because we’re pretending that we forgot what we got for each other. :)
Now, I would take pictures, but we left everything in Ohio. My in-laws will bring it when they come for Christmas. We just couldn’t add more weight to our luggage.
It was so nice to have good places to shop. Every time we’re there I get a little bit jealous of all of the choices they have! When we need something we go to Walmart, but there are 6 or 7 places we could go in Ohio. (Take, for instance, our toaster oven shopping…we could’ve shopped around, but instead we went to two stores and ended up with Walmart.) I’m trying not to be jealous. We love living here. But I’m not gonna lie, I love visiting Ohio, too!

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  1. Tasha says:

    I know what you mean! When I visited Indiana last Summer I shopped for all of our school supplies and school clothes because I knew that the options up here would be so sparse. My husband knows if we are going back, to cushion the bank account because Momma’s going shopping!

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