Friday Favorites
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I’ve slept one hour since 3 am. Seems like a good time to look on the positive side of things, right?

  • Okay, I can’t help it. I am mentioning my bed. I love this weather right now…warm during the day, cool at night. I love it because there is nothing I love more than cuddling up in my blankets on my bed. Ahhh…. Too bad I have to get out of bed several times a night still. Hopefully by winter I’ll be enjoying my bed for much longer stretches of time.
    (My mom made this blanket. It’s one of my favorites.)
  • Family days
    Yesterday we enjoyed the morning at the fair. Really, a fair is an over-priced, money-stealing place. But we get free tickets and only buy one or two food items. Having a little one does make it more worth it; she loves the animals! And by seeing all of the animals and getting our card punched, we got a free ice cream! Yay!
  • Apple cider donuts
    Yes, they are out already! I eat way too many donuts this time of year, but it has to last me all winter, spring, and summer!
  • An evening run…  all by myself, just my ipod and me. Then there’s the feeling when I get back, all sweating and tired, but knowing I accomplished something and cleared my head.

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6 Comments on "Friday Favorites"

  1. starla says:

    I didnt know that they made those kind of donuts! SOund Wonderful! tHE Blanket is beautiful..hope you get more rest. :0)

  2. Jenilee says:

    love your favorite moments! oh, and apple cider donuts… yum. :)

  3. Lane says:

    One of my favorite things is cuddling with blankets in bed too! :) Although in Mississippi it’s still not cool at night. Maybe the cool weather is coming soon! Have a great weekend!

  4. those are wonderful things….. you are blessed… my night are sure to be more sleepless in a few months as we welcome our 6th baby… a sweet boy….

  5. an evening run is my favorite, too!!! mmm… i need a donut! haven’t had one in forever.

  6. Thanks for your link up (last week) for Friday favorites. We love apple cider doughnuts — we get them at the apple orchard. I think I’m going to have to try to make them gluten free for Samuel. Such a wonderful taste of fall!

    Sorry for the long delay in commenting — the first week of homeschooling I’m always trying to determine my “new” schedule.

    Blessings on today!

    finding joy

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