Quick Cleaning #2
Posted by Blessed Mom in Organizing

I’m back with more tips for keeping a clean-looking house. This house might not pass a White Glove inspection, but it will work for company coming over or even just to make you feel better. I don’t know about you, but it stresses me out to see clutter and dirt.
Read here to see my previous post. We talked about hidden storage.

Today, it’s all about out-in-the-open storage.

This stand sits right by our door. I love it! The dish holds our keys (and my husband’s whistle? I don’t know why). The drawer is perfect for junk…outgoing mail, sunglasses, store saver cards, etc. I love that it’s hidden! Underneath the table is a trashcan so that when the junk mail comes in, we can throw it away right there. What a great, cheap organization fix!

This is our reading nook in our bedroom. The basket in the corner is for my reading materials. Okay, I’ll be honest. I am more likely to read in bed or on the couch, but doesn’t it look inviting? And honestly, the basket has Baby Girl’s baby book, a journal, and some other odds and ends. But if I look over there I’m not stressed. In fact, it relaxes me. I love it!

This is my bedside table (Classy, isn’t it? And let’s not even get started on my alarm clock from 1996.) But, the point is, the basket again. I love baskets! Have I mentioned that? So, I keep my Bible, devotional book, and some pens in this basket. And obviously, my Woman’s Day. So, if I have a few minutes I can sit and relax. And I’m not running around trying to locate my Bible (which would make me less apt to ever read it!).

I hope these helped you. I love storage! I love having things organized, but it isn’t easy. For me the best way is to have a place for everything!

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